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What will the pickup experience be like?

When you arrive at your pickup location, present a copy of your receipt to the associate who will direct you to the pick-up line where your order will be loaded into your vehicle.  You will not need to get out of your vehicle. 

How should I transport and store the products I purchase.

The product should be transported and stored at 40° or below

Are these items available to the general public?

Yes, this sale is for the general public. These products are not labeled or packaged for resale.

Can I return the product?

The products are sold as is and are non-returnable.

What if I hear there is a recall?

You can visit

Product Transportation

The Customer agrees to transport the products on this receipt (“Product”) in an environment and in a manner that provides adequate safety conditions and temperature protection for Product and to comply with any applicable law or regulation during transportation. The Customer releases Sysco from all claims related to the transportation of Product to Product’s destination, and in doing so, the Customer accepts and assumes full responsibility for the integrity of Product. Product obtained at this location is not eligible for return. Any product not picked up will be donated.